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3 min readFeb 7, 2022


Updates & Progress

In this and the coming Community Update articles we will briefly summarize what has been done in the last period, as well as give a quick preview to what’s coming next. Let’s keep it short and simple 👇🏻.

Luart — COL NFT Launch/Mint & Marketplace

On February 2nd, COL NFT finally launched at Luart. Within 3 hours the Genesis Collection (2,555) was sold out.

Following the sell out of the Genesis Collection, COL NFT was immediately listed at the Luart Marketplace. The Luart Marketplace is an open market where all Community Members and newcomers can freely trade trade.

Discord Updates

After the mint, several upgrades to the Discord Server have been launched:

  • Removal of rarely used channels
  • Visual upgrades
  • Integration of various “Post-Mint” bots (see [ MARKETPLACE ] category)
    1. Rarity Source Table
    2. Rarity Checker (Calculator)
    3. New Listings
    4. Sales Bot

Trading Competition

Currently there is a Trading Competition going on, anyone who buys a COL NFT is eligible to win one of 3 prizes. The higher the trading volume of a Terra Address, the bigger the chance to win a prize (concludes February 27th).

The giveaway is live in the “🏆│competition” channel

🥇1x Unstables: Guardian of Terra

🥈 1x BabyBull

🥉 1x Terranaut

COL Private Club Membership — Captain’s Cabin

The COL Private Club was opened on the 4th of February, exclusively for COL NFT Holders. Being part of the COL Private Club has various benefits, and we’re only going to add more over time:

  • Exclusive (OG) Whitelist Spots for other projects
  • Exclusive Giveaways (Lootboxes)
  • Automatically Whitelisted for future COL NFT Collections
  • Introduction of Ranks

We’ve written a whole article on which Ranks are available and which benefits come with each Rank, which you able to read here.

The Captain’s Cabin channels (⛵│cabin-lounge , 💲│lootbox) are only visible for COL Private Club members. In only 5 days, 2 Lootboxes have already gone live. Many more to come and already scheduled. Want to get a taste of how it looks like? 👇🏻


COL NFT has partnered with and/or hosted Giveaway for the following Terra NFT Projects:

  • LunaWormz
  • Unstables: Guardians of Terra
  • 777’s Casino
  • Hungry Wolves NFT

Agenda for the upcoming Period

  • Specifications, qualifications and utilities on the Airdrop for Genesis NFT Minters / Holders.
  • Introduction of a Special Club / Role within the Community for 1% / Mythic Attribute owners.
  • Integration of DAO/Governance where COL NFT Holders / COL Private Club Members can vote on future directions and decisions of the project.
  • Exploring if we can increase the weight of 1% / Mythic Attribute Owners in the DAO/Governance, making their votes more valuable.
  • Securing more Exclusive Whitelist Spots / Giveaways for the COL Private Club
  • Priority on partnering with Luart projects as an incentive to help each other grow and develop
  • Make high-resolution files available for the community
  • Chainlink: exploration with Chainlink Labs on the 1st Terra Release → Usability of On-chain Price- and Data Feeds (any utilities implemented will be COL NFT Holder / COL Private Club exclusive).
  • Exploration of COL NFT Economy on Discord — assessing use cases

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