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4 min readNov 11, 2021

Dear community, next to working on the design of the art, we have also been talking to and connecting with other Terra Projects to explore collaborations and helping each other out! We are very happy to announce our first Terra Ecosystems Partners below, where we will go into more detail.

Angel Protocol & Angel Alliance (Charity)

We have contacted Angel Protocol and ask for their permission to start a partnership where Columbus Omnia Luna will contribute to charity. We are happy to announce that Angel Protocol is more than happy to receive Columbus Omnia Luna’s contributions!

Columbus Omnia Luna (COL NFT) is making a special design, that will be auctioned off and 100% of the raised money will be donated to Angel Protocol for charity. Columbus Omnia Luna is also exploring more options to contribution to charity together with the Angel Protocol team, one of which is dedicating the net profits of the upcoming merchandise to Angel Protocol

As a result of the above, we are also happy to announce that Columbus Omnia Luna has been invited to join the Angel Alliance. The Angel Alliance is a group of protocols and NFT projects that have made a commitment to Angel Protocol. As a member, Angel Alliance will highlight and support projects that have contributed to Angel Protocol.

Fungible Forest (Merchandise & Real World NFTs)

But wait! We have more exciting stuff coming up. Over the last few days Columbus Omnia Luna has also been in talks with the Fungible Forest team (the team behind Luna Loot). After going back and forth about some ideas and concepts, we could not have wished for a better partner.

Everything that we had in mind, Fungible Forest was already planning and working out as we speak. In total there will be 2 different streams in terms of partnership:

  1. Columbus Omnia Luna Merchandise
    Fungible forest will be the platform to be selling Columbus Omnia Luna merchandise, this ranges from regular merch to limited edition items. You name it.
  2. Physical / Real World NFTs
    Yes, you read that right. Columbus Omnia Luna and Fungible Forest will be working together to give the option to each COL NFT holder to print their exclusive NFT and deliver it to your doorstep! How cool is that!? This is something COL has envisioned and we cannot believe Fungible Forest was envisioning the same thing. We are also exploring to add a Certificate of Authenticity to come with the order.

OnePlanet (Competition — Launchpad & Secondary Market)

Columbus Omnia Luna has also been contacted by OnePlanet to take part in the upcoming OnePlanet Landing. OnePlanet Landing is a competition that is split up in 3 categories: Digital Identity, One of a Kind and Next Level.

Columbus Omnia Luna will take part in the competition and give it our best shot! OnePlanet is a unique concept, it is the first decentralized NFT ecosystem on Terra.

Through the formation of a DAO, OnePlanet intends to decentralize the process of verification and enforce a community driven terms of engagement. These terms of engagement will be up for vote by the OnePlanet community, and OnePlanet governance participants will be incentivized depending on their engagement in the community.

Terra NFT Ecosystem Partners

And last but not least, we have partnered with TerraFormers and TheKwoonies within the Terra NFT Ecosystem. For now we have provided some member benefits between the project, such as giveaways and whitelist advantages.

All NFT projects on Terra are new, so we will be exploring other options such as Art Collaborations and Community Collaborations with these and future partners as well!



Columbus Omnia Luna | NFTerra

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