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2 min readOct 27, 2021

In this article we share with you the Mint Roadmap (Short-term Roadmap). We believe a bit of extra text is needed to explain what is meant in the Roadmap.

Private & Public Whitelist Rounds

We’ve conducted our whitelisting program in 2 phases: the 1st round that has taken place for COL Pioneers & COlonels (and is currently live for COLunatics) in October, and the 2nd round which will take in November.

What is the difference?

The 1stround is for the early birds, and meant to clean out bots and hunters to give those spots to the community. Also, doing it in 2 phases makes it more structured for us and balances the workload instead of doing it all at once.

The 2nd round is meant for members that have gone up in rank during, or after the verification of the 1st round AND is for new members.

There is no difference in the 1st and 2nd round, members who have successfully verified in the 1st round, do not need to verify again in the 2nd round.

How To Rank up?

You can receive a rank/or be promoted to a higher rank by being an active member that contributes to our community and this project.

  • Spread the word on the socials. Sharing, liking and tagging could be one of these contributions.
  • Useful feedback, ideas and tips for our project is also very much appreciated. As an example we promoted the ones who gave useful feedback on our concept art (without publicly announcing it).
  • Let’s create a community with a positive and welcoming vibe! Help each other out and answer questions for unclarities.
  • Do you have anything else to offer? Reach out to us by sending us a DM or mail to

Rarity Table & Mint Event

If all goes according to plan, December will be the month where all of the art is finished and we will be releasing a Rarity Table for the community.

The Rarity Table will include the weight of each Trait that is included in the NFT COLlection. Note that the actual outcome after the Mint can be different from the provided Rarity Table, but it should give you a good idea on how rare each trait is beforehand.

The Rarity Table is the last stepping stone before commencing the Mint Event. At this moment we have contacted RandomEarth to be our platform of choice, but this could change for any unforeseeable reason.

We’re very much looking forward to the Mint Event, again, if all goes according to plan we can celebrate this huge milestone in December!

That’s all for now.


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