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We are strong believers of NFT having a future in having various utilities next to being an artwork and NFT Collectible. Over the past few weeks the team has explored and defined our vision on how the future for Columbus Omnia Luna should look like.

In this article we want to introduce you in the NFT utilities and our vision for Columbus Omnia Luna. These are not all “pure” utilities, but also include regular use cases and Terra Ecosystem support causes → hence the name NFT Cases & Utilities. Let’s get started with the obvious and some less obvious ones, the cases.

Cases & Supporting the Terra Ecosystem

A Unique Art Style & NFT Collectible

The Unique Art Style is the first thing that differentiates Columbus Omnia Luna from most other NFT projects, not only on Terra but in the whole crypto space in general.

Columbus Omnia Luna (COL) is looking to deliver high quality artwork that is unique to our team and worthy of having in your NFT Collection. That is what the first obvious use case was (and maybe is for most projects): a rare non-fungible piece of art that is wanted and loved by the community.

Owning a unique piece of art is fun and cool, but in the topics later in this article we will also touch on which other benefits come with owning and holding a COL NFT Collectible.


We recently reached out to Angel Protocol and asked them if they will allow us to create a unique NFT of which 100% of the collected amount will proceed to support charity. We are happy inform you that we have been welcomed with open arms by Angel Protocol and that we will collaborate for the best cause we can imagine: charity.

As a result of the above, we are VERY happy to announce that Columbus Omnia Luna has been invited as a member of the Angel Alliance.

We are open and will collaborate more with Terra charities and are more than happy to do our part and help out in any way we can.

If you are a charity organisation on Terra and COL can help you out in anyway possible, please do not hesitate and contact us and we are more than happy to do so!


We are actively looking for a partner within the Terra Ecosystem to support and help us with merchandise. We are happy to announce that Fungible Forest (the team behind Luna Loot) have partnered with us and make this possible! COL does not intend to profit from this, but is considering one of these three option for the net profit:

  1. Contribute it to the Merchandise company as our way of supporting fellow Terra Ecosystem partners
  2. Donate it to charity
  3. No net profits, in order to keep the cost as low as possible for the community to obtain amazing merchandise at a low price

Of course we will make sure that owners of a COL NFT will get amazing deals as a way of giving back to the community and rewarding holders of the NFT.

Left: Fungible Forest. Right: Luna Loot


Another way to support the Terra Ecosystem is a concept we recently came across on Pylon Gateway. Galactic Punks introduced us to the first Raffle on Pylon.

Columbus Omnia Luna will approach other Terra NFT projects to collaborate on a collective Pylon Raffle to support one of the earliest, most innovative and mind-blowing projects on Terra. Did you notice we are big fans of Pylon?

NFT Utilities

NFT Evolution

Columbus Omnia Luna is a celebration of the Columbus Mainnet, and the genesis collection starts at COL-5.

As Terra develops, so does the Columbus Mainnet. The Columbus Mainnet won’t be the only thing that develops & evolves → COL NFT will evolve alongside with the Columbus Mainnet. Every. Single. Time.

The first NFT Collection that is soon to be released (Genesis Collection) is the key gateway. COL NFT Genesis Collection holders will be airdropped tokens that can be used to claim an additional COL NFT when Columbus-6 will be released. The only thing an eligible COL NFT holder will be asked to do is to pay the transaction fees.

For the evolution to Columbus-6, a variety of Columbus’s favorite rum bottles will be airdropped to COL NFT holders → these rum bottles come in different rarities. The rarity of the rum bottle will determine the rarity of the COL-6 NFT minted.

This continues with the releases of Columbus-7, Columbus-8 and so on. Each time in a different setting. Like we mentioned, the COL NFT Genesis Collection is the key to all questions and value and utilities will keep being added until the end of time.


Future decisions and directions will be made by the community. As you know by now, every (big) decision we are making we are doing through community voting already on Discord. As an example: the community thinks a Collection of 10,000 NFTs is too big. As a result of the vote we will be scaling down the collection to 2,555 NFTs.

This is just one (simple) example of the relationship between the community and the COL NFT Team we have in mind. COL NFT owners will have voting rights → determining on frequent and higher impact basis the direction COL NFT will be heading. Think of Art, Collections, partnerships, royalties, you name it. Community is the name of the game for us, how it should be.

Real World NFTs — Physical Assets

We have partnered with Fungible Forest to bring Certified Physical Copies to owners of COL NFT(s)! Members who own a COL NFT have the option to buy a high-quality copy of their NFT, including a Certificate of Authenticity.

We are working out with the Fungible Forest team to how many times a NFT can be ordered as a physical asset. It should still be claimable for new future owners of a certain NFT. The current proposal includes the mention of the # of the Physical Asset print.

Fungible Forest

Exclusive Membership

All COL NFT holders are eligible to be part of the COL Private Club. Members of the COL Private Club will receive occasional Airdrops: think of Limited Edition NFTs, Holiday Themed NFTs, and discount vouchers for merchandise (also see the Merchandise section above).

Furthermore, being a member of the COL Private Club also means that you will be automatically qualified for future NFT Collections through Early Access / Private Access. Being a COL Private Club member means you’ll never be able to miss out on upcoming activities.

And last but not least, as a COL Private Club member you’ll get a special status on Discord, for you to brag to with.

Terra Ecosystem — Member Benefits

We are already, and will be actively pursuing partnerships with fellow Terra Projects. One: to help each other out, but also Two: to explore options to add value for the members of each community. So far we’ve partnered with TerraFormersNFT and TheKwoonies→ giving Whitelist priority to each other’s members.

Now, we understand that this is nice, but does not knock your socks off. As of writing, we are active on social media for a little over a month → we are in talks with projects to collaborate on: Collaborative Art, but also exploring Staking, NFT Games and of course, the Metaverse. Keeping in mind how dynamic the entire crypto space is, there is a high chance that this list will be much longer in the future.

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