Introduction to Columbus Omnia Luna, a NFTerra project.

Columbus Omnia Luna | NFTerra
3 min readOct 3, 2021


In this article we will briefly introduce ourselves, what does the name Columbus Omnia Luna exactly mean and we would like to touch on the articles we’ll be releasing in the upcoming days / weeks.

Columbus Omnia Luna

As all of you already know, Columbus is the name of the Mainnet of the Terra (Luna) blockchain. Columbus is also the last name of the famed Italian Explorer, Christopher Columbus, opening the way for widespread exploration. And that is exactly what Columbus means to us, Columbus(-5) leads the way in exploration of the Terraverse → which spells only exciting things to come.

Omnia means “all” or “whole” in Latin → representing the meaning of each Columbus Main ne upgrade. With each improvement, the Terra blockchain will become a more complete — or — in other words → better blockchain.

Luna means “moon” in Latin and of course directly represent Terra. Terra’s ticker is $LUNA and its logo is a moon.

Terra Blockchain’s logo, Luna

Combining these [C]olumbus [O]mnia [L]una, isn’t coincidentally “COL”. COL is often used as a abbreviation for the Columbus Mainnet, with the latest Version Columbus-5 → being referred to as COL-5.

With the COL NFT we are celebrating both the latest Terra Mainnet upgrade COL-5, as both Christopher Columbus as a legend and representation of the project.

COL NFT will not just be another NFT, but more information on that to be released in one of the upcoming articles.

Upcoming Articles / Documentation

In the coming days we will gradually release more information that will shape the project. These will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Specifications → Specifications of the NFT will be released, which dimensions are used, what kind of “artwork” is it going to be and roughly how many attributes will be used. Spoiler: it will not be another Pixel Art project. We will be creating and releasing high quality non-Pixel Art NFTs — stay tuned.
  2. Utilities & Privileges → An in-depth article will be released on future usages and utilities of the NFTs. The future usages and utilities will exclusively be on, and contribute to the Terra Community & Ecosystem.
  3. Timeline / Roadmap → A rough timeline on the project and future endeavours, to give a clear overview on what’s to come.
  4. ……

That being said, the first 500 community members that join the discord (link @ the bottom), will be guaranteed COL Pioneer status → more later on which benefits those will include.

As you might have noticed, we are not that familiar on creating exposure and spreading the word about the project. If you like the project, please do share it within the community → anyone who does will not go unnoticed and we’ll be sure to thank you in our own, special way.

We’re looking forward to share more details with you and revolutionize NFTs right here, on Terra.

The COL NFTerra team

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Columbus Omnia Luna | NFTerra

Columbus Omnia Terra (COL) is a 10,000 NFT collection on Terra. But COL is so much more than your regular NFT, read the articles to find out more!